Unimatic LEV Dust Extraction Units


Industrial LEV Dust Collection Units

Another of our spaces At Marine Buildings, is utilised in the production of Unimatic LEV Dust Extraction Units, which blend clever design, versatility with quality. Our units are the ideal environment for the production of these Local Exhaust Ventilation [LEV] systems. These British made dust collection units are available as standard or bespoke, for an efficient and fast solution to airborne dust pollution in industrial and manufacturing settings. Airborne dust is a major concern and health hazard, especially where employees are in regular contact, and it is a legal requirement for employers to have some form of effective LEV system. The dust particles can also damage and impact the performance of machinery, which could cause problems of performance and lead to unwanted expense.

British Made Standard or Bespoke Dust Collection Units

Unimatic dust extraction units offer a unique edge with their modular design and bolted assembly, bringing a high level of convenience and cost savings. Unimatic dust collection units were developed in response to customer need, and can now be tailored to fit snugly into awkward or small spaces. Engineered and supplied by experts, Unimatic reverse jet compressed air dust collection units have a very impressive turn around time. Standard units from stock, can be with the customer in around 7-10 days, and custom built models in as little as 4-6 weeks. This is incredibly fast when compared with similar dust collection products from other companies who typically quote up to 12 weeks, and client feedback demonstrates impressive levels of customer satisfaction.

Fast Turnaround on LEV Units

Installation accuracy and high functionality describe these LEV units in addition to their extremely competitive prices. Superior specification components and filter cartridges made in the UK are also offered, and details about flexible pulse control, extraction fans, performance criteria, other accessories and range of models can be found on the Unimatic website.